Risk and Compliance Simplified with Configur

Master Regulatory Challenges and Manage your Business Compliance

Centralise Your Compliance Processes

Our compliance management tool offers a centralised solution to manage, track, and report on various compliance requirements, ensuring you stay ahead of regulatory changes. The perfect platform to streamline your compliance management.

  • Compliance Tracking
  • Real-time Reporting

Stay Ahead of Risks

Identify and mitigate risks before they impact your business. Configur’s risk management solutions allow for proactive monitoring, assessment, and mitigation strategies, safeguarding your operations.

  • Risk Assessment
  • Mitigation Planning

Protect Your Data with Ironclad Security

In the realm of risk and compliance, data security is paramount. Configur provides robust data protection measures, ensuring the privacy and integrity of your sensitive information.

  • Data Encryption
  • Privacy Controls

Hear it From Our Clients

Working with Configur has changed the way in which Prostate Cymru views, analyses and captures data. The system is simple and effective, streamlining every part of how we work as an office.

Owen Pugsley

Corporate Events & Marketing manager, Prostate Cymru

Configur will save H2OIQ from hiring a data specialist every three months, which provides us a huge return on investment.

Adam Rice

Technical Director, H2OIQ

Using the Configur platform we are able to have full control over our data and it provides a host of features to our growing client list. Configur has enabled us to discover new insights and rethink every aspect of our business from pricing through to the way we conduct research.

Nick Lane

Founder & Chief Insight Analyst, Mobilesquared

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Empower Your Compliance and Risk Strategy