Enhancing compliance and safety

Safety standards, labour laws and emission regulations. By recording, tracking, and analysing these your business can improve performance, ensure that your business continually meets regulations and analytically prevent accidents.

Boost customer satisfaction and awareness

Using our software to outline and highlight customer satisfaction and preferences your business will be able to roll out fast reactive changes that suit the overall desires of your customers. Furthermore, this could enable your business to build induvial profiles and cater specific information to that customer. Overall, improving customer satisfaction ratings, brand awareness and reduce delays by being able to create an optimal schedule.

Operation Optimisation

Data collection on routes, traffic and driver performance are essential in streamlining transportation operations. Our software can enable your business to reduce costs and increase overall efficiency.

Hear it From Our Clients

Working with Configur has changed the way in which Prostate Cymru views, analyses and captures data. The system is simple and effective, streamlining every part of how we work as an office.

Owen Pugsley

Corporate Events & Marketing manager, Prostate Cymru

Configur will save H2OIQ from hiring a data specialist every three months, which provides us a huge return on investment.

Adam Rice

Technical Director, H2OIQ

Using the Configur platform we are able to have full control over our data and it provides a host of features to our growing client list. Configur has enabled us to discover new insights and rethink every aspect of our business from pricing through to the way we conduct research.

Nick Lane

Founder & Chief Insight Analyst, Mobilesquared

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