Configur Your Organisation

Simplify your Data Mapping, with a code-free solution to centralise, visualise, and optimise everything you need for actionable insights.

Empower Your Decision-making

Centralised Data Management

All your data, integrated seamlessly from spreadsheets or business systems, managed efficiently via our robust data management platform.

Intuitive Visualisation

Charts, maps, and queries that bring your data to life making data driven decisions simple.

Code-Free Configuration

Easy for everyone to use, whatever their technical or data skill level.

Designed for Enterprise, Loved by All

Gain end-to-end visibility and actionable insights into your supply chain operations to drive efficiency and resilience.
Map and manage complex stakeholder relationships with transparency and efficiency, enhancing engagement and accountability.
Track and report on environmental, social governance goals with precision, driving sustainable and ethical business practices.
Track and analyse key performance indicators with utmost precision. Configur enables you to monitor real-time data, customise dashboards to your business needs, and gain actionable insights.
Navigate the regulatory landscape confidently with comprehensive risk analysis and automated compliance monitoring.
Centralise customer interactions, utilise powerful analytics for customer insights, and optimise your CRM processes for growth.
Unlock the power of artificial intelligence to uncover a new level of understanding of your data.

Data Management Consultancy & Support

Configur makes managing your data easy, but help is on hand should you need it. Our Team of Consultants are on hand to onboard and assist your organisation with everything from Digital transformation guidance, optimising your implementation, ongoing project support and regularly account management meetings. 

Ready to gain the data insights you've been missing?