Centralise and Integrate Your Data Seamlessly

Unlock the Power of Unified Data for Smarter Business Insights

Empower your Decision-making with Data Visualisation

Unified Data Ecosystem

  • Single Source of Truth: Aggregate all your data into a single, accessible repository.
  • Reduced Data Silos: Break down barriers between departments, ensuring data consistency across the organization.
  • Enhanced Data Quality: Benefit from cleaner, more reliable data, free from duplication and discrepancies.

Efficient Data Integration

  • Wide Range of Connectors: Integrate data from various sources, including cloud services, databases, and applications.
  • Real-Time Data Sync: Keep your data up-to-date with real-time synchronization capabilities.
  • Scalable Architecture: Easily scale your data integration processes as your business grows.

Streamlined Data Management

  • Automated Data Processes: Automate routine data tasks like collection, transformation, and loading.
  • Data Governance: Implement robust data governance practices to maintain data integrity and compliance.
  • Customizable Workflows: Tailor data workflows to fit your business processes and needs.

Your Comprehensive SaaS Integration Platform:

API Management: Efficiently manage and integrate APIs for a seamless data flow.

Workflow: Build data pipelines to automate operational and analytical workflow to cut down on manual tasks.

Data Federation: Access and manage data across multiple systems without moving it from its original sources.

Your Data Centralisation & Accessibility Platform:

Central Data Platform: Store all your data in a centralised, secure location.

Access Control: Define user roles and permissions for secure access to data.

Easy Data Retrieval: Quickly find and access the data you need with powerful search and query tools.

Seamless Data Synchronisation:

Cross-Platform Sync: Ensure consistent data across different platforms and systems.

Data Versioning: Keep track of data changes with comprehensive version control.

Conflict Resolution: Automatic handling of data conflicts during synchronisation.

Data Transformation and Quality:

Data Cleaning Tools: Remove inaccuracies and inconsistencies from your data.

Data Enrichment: Enhance your data by adding context and additional information.

Custom Transformation Logic: Apply custom rules and logic to transform data according to your specific needs.

Hear it From Our Clients

Working with Configur has changed the way in which Prostate Cymru views, analyses and captures data. The system is simple and effective, streamlining every part of how we work as an office.

Owen Pugsley

Corporate Events & Marketing manager, Prostate Cymru

Configur will save H2OIQ from hiring a data specialist every three months, which provides us a huge return on investment.

Adam Rice

Technical Director, H2OIQ

Using the Configur platform we are able to have full control over our data and it provides a host of features to our growing client list. Configur has enabled us to discover new insights and rethink every aspect of our business from pricing through to the way we conduct research.

Nick Lane

Founder & Chief Insight Analyst, Mobilesquared

Designed for Enterprise, Loved by All

Gain end-to-end visibility and actionable insights into your supply chain operations to drive efficiency and resilience.
Map and manage complex stakeholder relationships with transparency and efficiency, enhancing engagement and accountability.
Track and report on environmental, social governance goals with precision, driving sustainable and ethical business practices.
Track and analyse key performance indicators with utmost precision. Configur enables you to monitor real-time data, customise dashboards to your business needs, and gain actionable insights.
Navigate the regulatory landscape confidently with comprehensive risk analysis and automated compliance monitoring.
Centralise customer interactions, utilise powerful analytics for customer insights, and optimise your CRM processes for growth.
Unlock the power of artificial intelligence to uncover a new level of understanding of your data.